How to make the app to work?

A quick guide to making the app works:

Auto Installation:

In most templates, the application will be automatically installed.
If it is not automatically installed in your template, you can contact us and we will add your template to the list of templates in our database.
or install it yourself via this link:

Height & Weight Collection:

Once the app has been installed successfully, it will create a new collection in the store (invisible!). The new collection allows you to control which products will appear in the app management area.

Edit a product:

Now the only thing left is to edit a product in the app, set it up and save it:
The app will work only when there is some data inside it. please try to reach 70% and above for good calculation.
(Make sure the VISIBLE label is functioning properly)

The app will work only after doing those steps to full. you need to have at least one product that has been edited and not showing 0%, visible is on and the code was installed correctly.

All set:

  • Now view the edited product in the store and see the new calculator in action.
  • There is an option to copy and paste the measurements to another product – just keep in mind that all values have to be the same.

Docs that might be helpful:

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