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More information – Better results

The app can get up to 95% accurate about a person size.

Guided information:

The app does a calculation between what the user (your customer at frontend) insert and the information that the store owner insert (at the backend).

The app relies on the amount of information entered.

If the two sides will insert more specific information, the outcome will be more accurate.

Priority at the backend: from the most important to less:

A. customer dimensions are the most important.
B. shirt length/pants length
C. waist
D. bust
E. sleeve

The back end screen explanation

  1. Back to all products.
  2. Quick help box on hover.
  3. Choose the method you use (Imperial/Metric)- do not worry, the user will be able to choose the method that is convenient for him.
  4. Select the product type – it is important for the app to do the right calculating.
  5. Choose the gender of the relevant customer (for accurate matching).

    Product Dimensions:
  6. All dimensions related to the product itself – a minimum value (7) and a maximum value (8) are inserted. All according to product dimensions only, the labels will change between the different product types you choose (4).
  7. insert a minimum value for displayed on the left.
  8. insert a maximum value for displayed on the left.Customer Dimensions:
  9. Insert the relevant dimensions of the customer, that is, the measurements of the person who is supposed to wear every size.
  10. Save button at top right – Important to save when done!

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