Backend Screen Explanation

There is a number next to each widget to explain it.

  1. Payment plan information:  The number of products that the app scanned from its collection and the total number of products in the store.
  2. The name of the size variation in the store: for example in French: Tallie
    in Spanish: tamaño, etc. If you give a special name to the size variation in your store, simply rename it and the app will know that it is a product with a measure.
  3. Quick Help Screens:
    New features – This will show all future updates that we are going to release with dates and checkbox for ready updates.
    Questions / Suggestions – Here is the place for some common questions. We look forward to receiving your suggestions to improve the app!
    Edit your products – Here we will explain how to edit a product and how to make copy & paste and a variety of actions.
    Select app products – A brief explanation of how to control your height and weight collection.
  4. An anchor button to reach the products area
  5. quick support chat: we are available for 15 hours a day / 7 days a week. if we have not been available at the moment we will make sure to send an email within 3 business days. or you can send us a mail with your question:

Bottom part:

backend explanations height and weight app
backend explanations height and weight app
  1. Product Search button.
  2. All products in the height and weight collection will appear here.
  3. An add new product (button) to the new collection (invisible) created in the store.
  4. Refresh page
    Product buttons:
  5. Percentage of data filled for a given product.
  6. Copy-Paste button: You can copy the measurements from one product to another product containing the same data only.
  7. visible/not visible button: You can hide the calculator from appearing in some products in the store –  your choice.
  8. Product Edit Button: Here we edit the measurements of the product and program the calculator to work according to the measurements we will put.

please visit How to make the app to work for further instructions 

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